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Automatic Hanging Drinker
Product Description
Unlike similar models of the hanging drinker the water reservoir width and depth are designed to be large.

This design can be used in species such as chicken,partridge, pheasant, turkey, peacock can also be used to grow larger species.

High plastic quality and improved mechanics ensure trouble-free automatic irrigation.

Thanks to the weight ball offered with the product, it can be used without any problems in heavier species and it has the working feature to look like hanging even on the ground.

The height of the water in the reservoir can be adjusted by the level adjusting screw.

Product Dimensions :
Diameter Drinker: 39cm.
Drinker Water Reservoir Depth: 5.2cm
Drinker Water Reservoir Width: 4.9cm
Drinker Weight: 1,32 kg

Item Code: PLTRY-102

Automatic Hanging Drinker

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£34.99 In Stock
Automatic Hanging Drinker  £34.99

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