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Home » Gamebird, Quail and Poultry Housing Systems » Partridge Breeding Stock Housing » Partridge Breeding Stock Cages - 12 Section / 4 Tier
Partridge  Breeding  Stock Cages - 12 Section / 4 Tier
Product Description
ComfortPLAST Series Partridge Stock Cages have been designed considering every detail for your partridges welfare and health.

Cimuka’s Modular Cage System offers partridge producers the outstanding production performance , best possible hygiene, easily enriched, great shipping simplicity, easy assembly and plenty of spare parts, easy repair.

Partridge Breeding Stock housing rootstock are designed to easily feed and supply water to partridges and also obtain high quality fertilised egg. Partridges are placed to have 1 male and 2/3 females in each section separated from the other Partridges. Thanks to the slope of the housing floor the Partridge eggs are rolled forward and the eggs are collected at the front of the cage teeth.

Professional game bird breeders, according to Gamebirds Codes of Practice Chapter 6 in the draft Code, on the housing of breeding pheasants and partridges, for those farmers and breeders who do not want to risk their bussiness we just the perfect housing for partridges.

Example of partridge Breeding Room

- Partridge breeding stock housing capacity to hold 36-48 Partridge,
- Partitions between male Partridges are closed to prevent them fighting.
- Each tier has 3 divisions, each division is ideally designed for 1 male 2/3 females.
- Highly partridge droppings resistant, bacteria repellent, long life expansion frame / cage,
- Base prevents eggs from cracking and partridge feet from being injured,
- High capacity plastic manger,
- Plastic droppings tray,
- Water tank,
- Automatic nipple with watering dropper,
- Suitable for use to pass onto a multi - storey design,
- Contact with the ability to layer on top of the chassis without the need for additional new facilities.
- Locked wheel system
- L(97 cm) x W(63 cm) x H(220 cm)
- Measurements per level;

This Product is manufactured in TURKEY.
Item Code: KYK-03-4K

Partridge Breeding Stock Cages - 12 Section / 4 Tier

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