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Quail EggThe first in the world with patent design models. Comfortplast Series cages, We have over 30 years of production experience, our cages are scientifically developed and has been designed according to the demands of poultry, gamebird growers from around the world.

All of the cages are fertilizer resistant and is produced from high-strength plastic. It is made with 100% recycled raw materials generating from 200 pieces by injection molding, and original drawing and using vacuum technology. All parts structure is conveniently assembled and disassembled, easy to use, sturdy, durable and decorative.

Powerful and Functional Block Design..

Powerful and Functional Block DesignIt is very important for users that our cages are strong and stable with a body structure that is simple and long lasting.


butterfly locks and fixingsFor each cage floor level we used cross intervention  1  with butterfly locks and fixings this creates a tight and strong two lattice structure.


To improve the strength of each level, 4 aluminium carriers have been used   2   for extra support.



Screw & High Performance PlugSide struts  3  are fixed to the carrier profile  4  with connector elements to give the cages extra strength and stability.


Strenghtened plastic profiles carrying the water tank and manure panbridge   5   provides extra support to the block design


Egg Roler BasePlastic feed  6  and egg bar  7  has further increased the integrity and stability of the cage blocks.



Stacked on Top of Eachother..

Stacking cages one on the other with ease  8  also allows to increase your bird capacity without having to purchase a complete block.

Ease of Movement..

lockable wheelsThe block is mounted on lockable wheels   9   for ease of movement.





High Capacity Feeders.High Capacity Feeders..

Each level has a single length feeder with a capacity of 2.6 kg feed with an easily removable and attachable lid structure.

Feeders are produced from solid high-strength plastic. There structures are shock resistant to provide long term hygienic use.


End of Feed LossEnd of Feed Loss..

It is a major problem with the quails pulling the feed into the cage causing it to mix with the fertilizer, this leads to a high rate of feed loss. This problem has been eliminated with these plastic grills to prevent the bait breakup, with this flexible 3 piece plastic grill it is designed in appropriate movement to feed consumption.


Hygienic Irrigation


Hygienic Irrigation

Nipples -automatic drip irrigation system provides seamless and hygienic production.


Hygienic IrrigationThe drippers are mounted on original PVC pipe frame specially manufactured for game birds.


Steel Nipples - keeping the distance between the dropper narrow this blocks the quails wetting themselves and manure pans.


Depending on the model and capacity variation the transparent water tanks can be easily inserted and removed. Cover structure keeps water clean.


Contamination filter prevents dirt from entering the water line. Especially for regions with high lime water rate presented as an option the magnetic scale filter irrigation system prolongs life.

No Glue, no Clamps, no Trouble ..

Water is dispensed with T worshipers to all levels, plugs are available to drain the system.

Hygienic Irrigation

Light preventing black fleshy hose also prevents algae, It is provided without the need for adhesives or clamps for a quick installation.

This brings great convenience to your cleaning process.


Appropriate Base Slope..

Appropriate Base Slope.. With this procedure you will be able to save on any damaged, cracked, missing or any eggs covered in fesies.

You will also save time in looking/searching for eggs, with this system clean eggs are rolled forward into the oviduct which will also save you time in packaging.

Your full days work will be radically decreased giving you extra time to move onto your next job.


The Comfort That Comes with Elliptical Base..The Comfort That Comes with Elliptical Base..

The specially designed base for quails provides comfort standing, walking, spawning and mating egg production fertility rates are higher.


When increasing the base strength with its elliptical base design the fertilizer adhesion is also reduced.


Flexible material structure obstructs the formation of foot problems.



Plastic Fertilizer Pan ..

Plastic Fertilizer PanEach level has its own plastic manure pan.


Curved edges increases the carrying capacity while he smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.


Fertilizer Plastic pans are lightweight and it's intertwined passing feature enables comfortable removal and storage.


Wide Doors...

Wide DoorsEach section of the cage has its separate door available. The door covers are designed to work horizontally with a one-handed opening and closing operation. Improved locking system allows a smooth operation.

Large door form allows you to easily access any point in the cage. You can easily place and remove your quail, cleaning process is made easy.

Strong plastic material used on the cages ensures comfortable operation while working, the rounded internal and external corners prevent injuries.


Many models that will appeal to everyone ...

Quail Layer Mini for 10-12 Quail Quail Layer Cage Mini For 10-12 Quail
Quail Layer Midi for 20-24 Quail Quail Layer Cage Midi For 20-24 Quail
Quail Layer Cage 1 Storey for 35-40 Quail Quail Layer Cage 1 Storey For 10-12 Quail



Quail Layer Cage Additional for 35-40 Quail Quail Layer Cage Tier Additional For 10-12 Quail



Chick Brooder Cage Chick Brooder Cage 5 Tier
Chick Brooder Cage Chick Brooder Cage
Chick Brooder Cage Chick Brooder Cage
Automatic Heating Module for Chick Brooder Cage Automatic Heating Module for Chick Brooder Cage