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Gamebird Plucker
Product Description
Plucking type : Water (wet) road access,
Capacity : Quail, Small Pheasant, Partridge, Capercaillie, Grouse, Pigeon, Woodcock, and other small birds 15-30 seconds of plucking. (max 5 kg),
Power: 100W 220V 50Hz geared motors (maximum power consumption of 0.85 A),
Plucking Rubber : Plucking quail rubber (CMK01) - 216 piece,
Hair Removal Rate : 100%
Product Dimensions : 41 x 41 x 61h cm
Chamber Diameter : 35 cm
Weight : 10 kg
Product Certifications : CE

Until we can do better. THIS IS THE BEST!

Manufactured using food grade plastic, mold injected method,

Durable, long lasting, never rust, easy to clean.

The game birds plucking machine; Standing body motor, reducing gearmotor, rotary disc, plucker chest, feather discharge chute and composed of Quail plucking fingers.

The patened structure of the V belts and chains donot contain intermediate components such as gears and lubrication, therefore there are no problems such as breakage and loosening and thieves belt doesn't generate maintenance costs.

The lack of intermediate elements and the arrangements of the extra soft plucking fingers reduces friction and also reduces a significant rate of electricity consumption of upto 50% enabling the system to work quietly.

Thanks to the special tire alignment, the general the tire the more plucking it generates, tired replacements cost will be lower.

Plucking fingers are pressed in a special structure and formulated from natural rubber. It provides a comfortable way of plucking without damaging the skin, younger and elderly game birds including the most difficult plucking of the wings and tail feathers are plucked successfully.

This Product is manufactured in TURKEY.
Item Code: YL-PL01-Q

Gamebird Plucker

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i-PluckTM Gamebird Plucker Review
Coturnix Corner - USA
Gamebird Plucker
Assembly Video (YL-PL01-Q) via Hatching Time USA Distributor

Product Reviews for Gamebird Plucker

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June 21, 2017
Reviewer: Ken Parsons
Without difficulty my quails were plucked and ready to be packed. Excellent and buts about it.
8  of  8 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
October 25, 2016
Reviewer: Harriet Simpson
I was very spectacle when purchasing this game bird plucker, I was very surprised with it's speed and performance and not to mention how quick and easy it was to clean after use. Excellent did me proud of every penny spent and would reccommend to anyone. My old pluckers are now out the door, so Thankyou for making my life easier.
12  of  13 
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