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Egg Incubator 180 SH
Product Description
The CT180 SH hatching cabinet incubator has a capacity to hold upto 180 hen eggs, with this easy to funtion product and its highly insulated cabin it ensures energy saving and digital heating, this product also offers a humidity and automatic controller which in return gives progression to high hatching rate and value.

SH versions provide fully automatic humidity control.

Chicken Turkey-Duck Quail Partridge Pheasant Goose-Peacock
180 120 324 - 468* 252 216 72

The egg trays inside the incubator are compatable with all birds stated above, to increase the amount for quail eggs the *QT13 Quail with Channel Apparatus is optional.

  • High performance, highly insulated, flexible incubator with integral hatcher,
  • Collective loading / Collective hatching ,
  • Twin double glazed clear observation door design,
  • Automatic digital temperature control and digital indicator,
  • HumisonicTM Full automatic humidifier system, Digital humidity indicator with a water depot,
  • AirrouteTM Plus Ventilation technology with upto 90% energy efficiency insulated cabinet,
  • 6 x ConturnTM 30 Fully automatic egg turner,
  • 6 x CS30 Hatching Tray,
  • High-Low temperature sensor alarm,
  • High-Low humidity sensor alarm,
  • UK customer support,
  • 230V - 50Hz,  Average: 65 W  Max.: 225 W  Low Energy Usage,
  • Product Dimensions : 36 x 60 x 95(h) cm
  • Weight : 22 kg

This Product is manufactured in TURKEY.
Item Code: CT180SH

Egg Incubator 180 SH

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Egg Incubator 180 SH £986.40

Product Reviews for Egg Incubator 180 SH

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Best Incubator on Market
October 8, 2016
Reviewer: Kelly Swisher
Hands down the best incubator available on the market. If you are serious about incubating eggs this the really the best one you can find.
4  of  4 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
what a cracker
May 25, 2016
Reviewer: Albert Smythson
I have been a farmer for 42 years and this surely is the best Incubator I have ever bought!! Well worth the money, I would highly recommend.
6  of  6 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
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