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CT180 SH - Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher
For Both Amateur & Professional Use

In this combined (SH) model, you can set and hatch eggs. This model can be used for chicken, quail, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, goose and duck eggs.

This highly insulated cabinet incubator offers a fully automated incubation experience with adjustable automatic egg turners and humidity / temperature sensors to encourage higher hatching rates and lower electrical bills. Easily check the temperature and humidity conditions of the room through the onboard display. Cimuka’s advanced control panel even has an alarm function to alert you if the room conditions change outside of your preset parameters.

Active Periodic Cooling (First in the market)
Most birds leave the nest, at least once, during incubation. During this time, the eggs cool down and release moisture. Active Periodic Cooling (APC) changes the temperature and humidity within the incubator to reenact the cooling and dehumidifying process that eggs would receive naturally from the mother bird leaving the nest. This unique addition to our incubators increases hatch rates. This is extremely important if you hatch goose eggs!

Chicken Turkey-Duck Quail Partridge Pheasant Goose-Peacock
180 120 324 - 468* 252 216 72**

The egg trays inside the incubator are compatable with all birds stated above, to increase the amount for quail eggs the *QT13 Quail and for goose the **GT03 Goose with Channel Apparatus is optional.

Technical Details
POWER - 220-240 VAC 50Hz
- Max:225W Average: 65W
- Low Energy Usage
TRAYS & BASKETS - 6 x CS30 Hatching Tray,
CABINET - High insulation Double Wall sandwich panels,
- Eloxal aluminium cabinet body profiles,
- Double door design, 2nd door for back cleaning and service,
VENTILATION - AIRROUTETM ventilation technologie,
- Adjustable air in-out ventils,
HEATING & COOLING - Automatic digital PID* temperature control,
- Electronic temperature Sensor,
- Digital temperature display,
- Stainless electrical 175W heaters,
*Today the PID concept is used universally in applications requiring accurate and optimised automatic control.
HUMIDITY - HumisonicTM Full automatic humidifier system,
- Electronic humidity sensor,
- Digital humidity display,
TURNING - 6 x ConturnTM 30 Fully automatic egg turner,
PROTECTION - All system is protected by fuses,
ALARMS In machine Sensor & In Room Sensor Detect Separately!
- High - low temperature alarm,
- High - low humidity alarm,
DIMENSION/WEIGHT - 36 x 60 x 95(h) cm
- 22kg.
WARRANTY - 24/7 UK Technical Support,
- 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty
*We reserve the right to change specifications due to our policy of improvement.

This incubator uses internationally acknowledged 4 different patent technology.

DIGIFEELTM Automatic Digital PID1 Temperature Control; Cimuka uses its own digital control, sensor and software products in incubators. We specialize in electronic production and software team and develop special software for hatching.

Our patented brand DigifeelTM is a concept aimed at controlling the environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, pressure and gas with high-tech hardware solutions and work-specific software with the most precise control.

1 Today the PID concept is used universally in applications requiring accurate and optimised automatic control.

HUMISONICTM Full Automatic Humidity Control System; Our HumisonicTM patented humidification technology converts liquid water molecules into gas form with sound waves. The systems used without fans in incubator applications provide cabin humidification in natural air flow. This prevents humidification-induced cabin temperature differences.

Models with different humidification capacities have very low energy consumption. It is mounted on top of the machine and does not take up space. It provides external humidification and automatically takes its own water from the tank.

AIRROUTETM Ventilation Technology; Our patented ventilation technology makes AirrouteTM a difference in the hatch. It provides optimal temperature and humidity distribution in the cabinet, ensuring you achieve the highest efficiency with the lowest energy.

AirrouteTM Plus Ventilation products are produced in IP55 (min) protection class for damp and dusty water of the incubator. By providing a standard air cycle at all voltages from 90 to 265V, it eliminates voltage drop induced air distribution problems.

The ConturnTM PD and CT group is an egg turning system designed for our incubation models. Our patented system is available for different egg types with different accessory options.

ConturnTM motors provide high savings with energy consumption under 1W in. Models produced with ABS material have long life and solid structure. Silent and vibration-free working structure minimizes the mechanical stress on the egg.

Increases your efficiency with a full 45 degree turn performance. It provides a 90 degree rotation for 2 hours without the need for a timer. It is available in 60, 120 and 180 ovarian products besides 10 and 30 ovarian models.

CT180 SH - Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher User Manual

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Item Code: CT180SH

CT180 SH - Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher

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CT180 SH - Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher  £864.59

Product Reviews for CT180 SH - Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher

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Best Incubator on Market
October 8, 2016
Reviewer: Kelly Swisher
Hands down the best incubator available on the market. If you are serious about incubating eggs this the really the best one you can find.
4  of  4 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
what a cracker
May 25, 2016
Reviewer: Albert Smythson
I have been a farmer for 42 years and this surely is the best Incubator I have ever bought!! Well worth the money, I would highly recommend.
6  of  6 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
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