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Quail Mini Housing for Egg - 1 Section
Product Description

Suitable for hobbyists, you can use it conveniently at home or at your workplace. You can have the pleasure of recieving and eating fresh eggs everyday.

  • The quail’s housing has 12 quail capacities.
  • World’s first patented design.
  • Enhanced door lock system.
  • High fertilizer resistance from plastic, very long life, non-rusting.
  • With the elliptical and flexible base design, the fertility rate is very high and the egg breakage rate is very low.
  • High-capacity plastic feeder and 1 quail for 2 days on quail's head.
  • Zero feed loss with feed grill.
  • Plastic fertilizer pan.
  • Filtered water tank, special black silicone hose to prevent algae.
  • Nipple - automatic irrigation system to prevent wetting of the quail’s narrowed bowl area.
  • Adhesive-free, handcuffed irrigation installation.
  • Great savings on shipping with completely demounted shipment.
  • Easy and fun installation with housing mounting guide.
  • This housing is not suitable for Chinese Quails,
  • Case Size: L(34 cm) x W(62,5 cm) x H(43 cm)

    This Product is manufactured in TURKEY.
  • Item Code: BYK-01-1K

    Quail Mini Housing for Egg - 1 Section

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    £59.89 In Stock
    Quail Mini Housing for Egg - 1 Section  £59.89

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    Product Reviews for Quail Mini Housing for Egg - 1 Section

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    Quail Layer Cage Single
    December 7, 2017
    Reviewer:Mr Hay
    A great cage for keeping Quail, as a hobbyist this cage ticks all the boxes for me. Easy to assemble, nice fitting parts with a solid plastic construction and ease of cleaning what more could you want. The separate droppings tray is really helpful, I find adding a few sheets of newspaper aids changing / cleaning. The base has a slight angle which allows the eggs to roll to the front making collection a dream. The water tank is great and the Quail soon get the hang of the nipple, even if they are not already familiar with this type of system. Being plastic you can give the entire cage a good clean with a poultry disanfectant without the worry of the cage absorbing moisture and rotting etc. I like this product so much I have purchased two thus far.......with more on the wishlist. Finally hats off to the team at Crescent Quail, superb service and communication as always.
    9  of  9 
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