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Home » Gamebird, Quail and Poultry Housing Systems » Quail Housing » Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section
Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section
Comfortplast Quail Cages are computer designed and manufactured with long lasting high quality material. Mesh structure is manufactured with full Polypropylene (PP) plastic material and no need for fixing materials to assembly.

Suitable for hobbyists, you can use it conveniently at home or at your workplace. You can have the pleasure of receiving and eating fresh eggs everyday.

All of the housing are manure resistant and is produced from high-strength plastic.

All parts can be conveniently assembled and disassembled. They are easy to use, sturdy and durable. Strong plastic material used on the housing ensures comfortable conditions and the rounded internal and external corners prevent injuries.

  • The quail housing has 10-12 quail capacity
  • World’s first patented design
  • Enhanced door lock system
  • Manure resistant plastic, long product life, rust proof
  • With the elliptical and flexible base design, the fertility rate is very high and the egg breakage rate is very low
  • High-capacity plastic feeder
  • Limited food loss with the feed grill
  • Plastic manure tray
  • Filtered water tank, special black silicone hose to prevent algae
  • Automatic nipple with water dropper system to prevent quails from getting wet
  • Adhesive-free irrigation installation
  • Product comes unassembled. Directions included for easy assembly
  • This housing is not suitable for Chinese Quails
  • Base prevents eggs from cracking and quail feet from being injured
  • Water tank: 4 Liter
  • Product Block Dimensions : L(34cm) x W(62cm) x H(46cm)
  • Product Inner Dimensions for one layer: L(30cm) x W(44cm) x H(25cm front and 19cm back of the cage)
Cages System

The best for your Birds!TM

The first in the world with patent design models. Comfortplast Series cages, We have over 30 years of production experience, our cages are scientifically developed and has been designed according to the demands of poultry, gamebird growers from around the world.

All of the cages are fertilizer resistant and is produced from high-strength plastic. It is made with 100% recycled raw materials generating from 200 pieces by injection molding, and original drawing and using vacuum technology.

Easy to Clean
Extremely Durable
Stackable Layers
Easy to Assemble

Poultry scientists have worked vigorously to provide you with the most sanitary, stackable units around.

Made from Polypropylene (PP) plastic material, the modular parts are easily put together and can be disassembled for transportation. Modular design means you can mix-n-match cages and brooders to create a custom experience. The unit can be power-washed and will not rust! No rust means a longer life and less disease. Stopping disease and foot problems associated with rust are our #1 concern.

Treat your animals with respect and take care of their hygiene.


The Comfort That Comes with Elliptical Base..The Comfort That Comes with Elliptical Base..
The specially designed base for birds provides comfort standing, walking, spawning and mating egg production fertility rates are higher.

When increasing the base strength with its elliptical base design the fertilizer adhesion is also reduced.

Flexible material structure obstructs the formation of foot problem

Appropriate Base Slope..
With this procedure you will be able to save on any damaged, cracked, missing or any eggs covered in fesies.

You will also save time in looking/searching for eggs, with this system clean eggs are rolled forward into the oviduct which will also save you time in packaging. Your full days work will be radically decreased giving you extra time to move onto your next job.

Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section Assembly Guide

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Item Code: BYK-01-1K

Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section

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Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section  £54.59

Review / Assembly Video
Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section
Assembly Video (BYK-01-1K) via Hatching Time USA Distributor
Coturnix Corner - USA
COMFORTPLASTTM System Quail Cages Review
Sparkle City Quail Farm - USA

Product Reviews for Quail Mini Cage for Egg - 1 Section

Average Customer Rating:
Showing Reviews ( 2 )
Love this mini quail cage
May 19, 2019
Reviewer: Isa i
I ordered this off there Ebay store, I was a little worried at first, because it was plastic. However when it got delivered I was very impressed with how it was made and designed. It's very strong and is definitely a great cage. I'm a commercial quail farm and I'm definitely ordering there bigger ones. I'm very satisfied, yall have a customer 4 a long time. Thanks. Ps shipping was fast also.
3  of  3 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
Quail Layer Cage Single
December 7, 2017
Reviewer: Mr Hay
A great cage for keeping Quail, as a hobbyist this cage ticks all the boxes for me. Easy to assemble, nice fitting parts with a solid plastic construction and ease of cleaning what more could you want. The separate droppings tray is really helpful, I find adding a few sheets of newspaper aids changing / cleaning. The base has a slight angle which allows the eggs to roll to the front making collection a dream. The water tank is great and the Quail soon get the hang of the nipple, even if they are not already familiar with this type of system. Being plastic you can give the entire cage a good clean with a poultry disanfectant without the worry of the cage absorbing moisture and rotting etc. I like this product so much I have purchased two thus far.......with more on the wishlist. Finally hats off to the team at Crescent Quail, superb service and communication as always.
16  of  16 
people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
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