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Killing Cones for Chicken with Hanger
Product Description
This cone is designed to create a fast, stress-free and hygienic slaughtering. The cone's shape effectively restrains the bird's mobility to reduce the chance of wing damage and bruising. The cone's design funnels the blood to drain below for easy cleanup. The plastic is completely washable.

Key Features
Minimizes stress for both the farmer and the chickens.
It is produced from food grade PP plastic (Polypropylene) by mold-injection method.
It is flexible, durable and hygienic.
It does not hold dirt and stain.
It can be installed in fixed places such as walls or trees with the help of the hanger that comes with the product.
It can be used personnaly by handler.

Dimensions and Weight(Cone) :
Top diameter: 29cm.
Bottom Diameter: 9.5cm.
Height: 38cm.
Weight: 1kg.

Product Dimensions (Hanger) :L7 x w15 x H35cm.
Weight: 0.260kg.

Item Code: YL-CN03-C

Killing Cones for Chicken with Hanger

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