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Why Quail Farm?

I think, you have already read a lot of books, webpages, magazines and newspapers about quail farming and learned that "quail farming is highly profitable".

Yes that’s true!

Quail farming is absolutely a very profitable business.

It may not be your main activity to sell quail or quail related products, but keep in mind that quail meat claims an average of 5-10% a year and quail eggs a 15% a year.

Quail farming require less capital or investment than raising any other poultry birds. You can start this business with a very small investment.

You will get back your total invested money within a very short period, then use the profit for extending your farm production gradually.

So are you ready now?

Would you like to earn at least £4,500.00 per month!!

Now is not the time to stop!!
You can be one of the fast-growing quail farms. Invest Immediately in yourself, your children's future and make money while having fun.

With the equipment listed below by selling live quail, eggs/hatching eggs, quail meat, manure, you can start to earn a minimum wage starting from £4,500.00
You do not need a lot of space to start your high commercial farm. It is now easy to build this high commercial farm right in the backyard of your home.
This system provides a high biosecurity to keep your birds healthy and protect from any disease, very easy to clean, very easy to maintain, less time consuming.

Capacity of The High Commercial Quail Farm:
180 Brooding Quail for Hatching Eggs
2100 Quail for Eggs
Total 2280 Quail

Start working immediately with these compact equipments and earn money in a short time.