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Egg Incubator PD30 SH
Product Description
The PD30SH Incubator Model Conturn30 is offered with automatic egg turner. The incubator model with a chicken egg capacity of 30 can also be used for other poultry species. With the Conturn30 automatic egg turner you do not have to turn the eggs around during the day. The ducted lower body allows you to adjust the humidity easily, while the humidity value can be monitored digitally. The incubator has a very low energy consumption thanks to its compact design and patented ventilation technology.

Chicken Turkey-Duck Quail Partridge Pheasant Goose-Peacock
30 20 54 - 78* 42 36 8-12**

The egg trays inside the incubator are compatable with all birds stated above, to increase the amount for quail eggs the *QT13 Quail and for goose the **GT03 Goose with Channel Apparatus is optional.

  • High performance, highly insulated, flexible incubator with integral hatcher,
  • Collective loading / Collective hatching ,
  • Thick-walled ABS cab,
  • Transparent ABS cover,
  • Automatic digital PID temperature control and digital indicator,
  • Semi-automatic humidification, Digital humidity indicator, electronic humidity sensor
  • AirrouteTM Plus Ventilation technology with upto 90% energy efficiency insulated cab,
  • 1 x ConturnTM30 Fully automatic egg turner,
  • 1 x Hatching Tray,
  • High-Low temperature sensor alarm,
  • High-Low humidity sensor alarm,
  • UK customer support,
  • 230V - 50Hz,  Average: 25W  Max.: 60 W  Low Energy Usage,
  • Product Dimensions : 33(W) x 45(D) x 26(H) cm
  • Weight : 5 kg

This Product is manufactured in TURKEY.
Item Code: PD30SH

Egg Incubator PD30 SH

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Regular price: £269.00
£242.10 In Stock
Egg Incubator PD30 SH £242.10

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PD Series Small Egg Incubators

Product Reviews for Egg Incubator PD30 SH

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April 7, 2018
Reviewer:Earl Hargrove
Excellent product. Almost 100% hatch rate. Easy to set up and use.
2  of  2 
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