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Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm
Do you dream of raising the happiest, healthiest birds? Look no further. Our patented ABS plastic COMFORTPLAST brooders offer a durable, safe, rust-proof and sanitary brooding setup for easy cleaning year after year. Your birds will love you!

Deep manure tray collects droppings below. Prevent disease by having a system that removes harmful substances, like bacteria, from your chick’s living space.

Save money with our external trough. Our feeding trough is fitted with red shock-proof grills that reduce feed loss inside and outside the brooder.

Reduce bird wetting with height-adjustable drinker cups that are spill-proof. This seamless drinking system receives filtered water from the refillable water tank above (4L). This closed system reduces humidity and promotes clean brooding. Includes (1) removable starter drinker for the first 1-2 weeks.

Anti-bacterial, non-slip chick floor mats are used for the first 1-2 weeks to make walking and standing easier. The design of the mats prevents foot and nail problems.

Thats not all! Our chick floor mats absorb heat to keep your chicks comfortable during the first few weeks

No more red heat lamps! Our 51cm automatic space heater provides optimal temperatures throughout.

NOTE: Lightbulb is only used for lighting purposes - sold separately.

Semi-transparent walls trap heat inside to help keep your babies at the set temperature while providing a draft-free environment. Let’s not forget that these semi-transparent walls also let in the optimal amount of sunlight and airflow for proper growth. Further, this design helps lower your electrical bill.

Chick Capacity:
Quail Partridge / Pheasant Hen, Duck, Turkey, Goose
Week Capacity Week Capacity Week Capacity
1 30-35 1 25-30 1 15-20
2 25-30 2 20-25 2 10-15
3 20-25 3 18-20 3 5-10
4 15-20 4 14-18 4 0
Highlighted capacites indicate the max number of weeks heat is required.

  • First patented design in Turkey and the world.
  • Closed form with high energy savings,
  • Maximum daylight for chicks with semi-transparent layer design,
  • High heat resistance structure for all fertilizers and plastic,
  • Easy to clean, high hygiene standards,
  • Natural air entry and exit holes along the cage,
  • Integrated non-woven floor structure,
  • 2 Pieces Chick Stands,
  • Sent all dismantled/flat packed for low shipping costs,
  • Easy and fun with the installation manual setup.
  • 67cm wide * 45cm Deep * 25cm High(inside)

  • 1 Automatic Heating Module,
  • Independent modular design of the cage,
  • Anodized aluminum stainless steel module housing non rusting,
  • Guards that prevent chicks touching the heater,
  • 220V AC operating voltage,
  • 125W Stainless Steel Tube Heater,
  • Automatic temperature control with adjustable thermostat 0-40,
  • 1 E27 heard slot for bulb (bulbs not provided in the package due to security reasons),
  • Heater LED indicator,
  • Each level has separate fuse protection,

  • 2kg Capacity Plastic Feeder along floor,
  • Easy cleaning with integrated feeder structure,
  • Plastic grid prevents chicks from escaping,
  • Grills to prevent disintegration with feed manger,
  • 2 Pieces Starter Chick Feeder,

  • 4 liter capacity water tank,
  • Automatic nipple watering system,
  • Adjustable height linkage according to chick height,
  • Does not require adhesive to assembly watering clamp ,
  • Black silicone hose prevents algae,
  • 1 pieces Starter Chick Drinker.

  • Cages System

    The best for your Birds!TM

    The first in the world with patent design models. Comfortplast Series cages, We have over 30 years of production experience, our cages are scientifically developed and has been designed according to the demands of poultry, gamebird growers from around the world.

    All of the cages are fertilizer resistant and is produced from high-strength plastic. It is made with 100% recycled raw materials generating from 200 pieces by injection molding, and original drawing and using vacuum technology.

    Easy to Clean
    Extremely Durable
    Stackable Layers
    Easy to Assemble

    Poultry scientists have worked vigorously to provide you with the most sanitary, stackable units around.

    Made from Polypropylene (PP) plastic material, the modular parts are easily put together and can be disassembled for transportation. Modular design means you can mix-n-match cages and brooders to create a custom experience. The unit can be power-washed and will not rust! No rust means a longer life and less disease. Stopping disease and foot problems associated with rust are our #1 concern.

    Treat your animals with respect and take care of their hygiene.


    The Comfort That Comes with Elliptical Base..The Comfort That Comes with Elliptical Base..
    The specially designed base for birds provides comfort standing, walking, spawning and mating egg production fertility rates are higher.

    When increasing the base strength with its elliptical base design the fertilizer adhesion is also reduced.

    Flexible material structure obstructs the formation of foot problem

    Appropriate Base Slope..
    With this procedure you will be able to save on any damaged, cracked, missing or any eggs covered in fesies.

    You will also save time in looking/searching for eggs, with this system clean eggs are rolled forward into the oviduct which will also save you time in packaging. Your full days work will be radically decreased giving you extra time to move onto your next job.

    Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm Assembly Parts List
    Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm Assembly Guide
    Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm User Manual

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    Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm

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    Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm  £172.03

    Product Reviews for Chick Brooder Cage Midi 25cm

    Average Customer Rating:
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    Best brooder around
    April 17, 2020
    Reviewer: Robert
    I have used heat lamps, also used another brooder, but that had a metal grid on the floor, I lost a few chicks due to them getting there legs trapped. This brooder is great. Its warm all around so no hotspots like you have with the heat lamps. easy to keep clean, the floor is a plastic grid and I have not had any issues like I have had with the metal grid. I do like that you are provided with a solid floor that can easily be removed after they are a few days old. Other brooders I have used I have lost 4-5 chicks in the first few days. So far after a week, I have not lost any chicks. Will be buying another one soon, and then maybe the 5 tiered one eventually.
    1  of  1 
    people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
    Superb Item
    March 3, 2020
    Reviewer: Joanne Davis
    Superb Item.
    DOUBLE BROODER. Assembled within 15mins of delivery. We'll Happy.
    1  of  1 
    people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
    Awesome device
    July 29, 2019
    Reviewer: Ryan F
    My chicks loved it. I quickly moved them to your quail 1 tier cage. There is enough room in the cage and the feeder is working well.
    2  of  2 
    people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
    Excellent Quality
    July 10, 2019
    Reviewer: Mary
    The cage was the perfect solution for what I needed. My chicks were getting their feet stuck in my own unit. The matting that came with this cage made it super easy to clean and my I did not have to worry about my poor chicks being uncomfortable. Thanks!
    2  of  2 
    people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
    Heater works well
    April 18, 2019
    Reviewer: Hillary
    The problem I use to have with my old brooder is that the chicks wouldn’t only go to one area and the rest of the cage was useless. This heater distributed the heat so all my chicks are happy. Nice product.
    2  of  2 
    people found this review helpful.     Was this review helpful to you?    Yes  /   No
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